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Unlocking the Power of Information - A look into the Career of a Data Scientist.

As a teenager, you may be wondering what career path to choose that will be intellectually stimulating, financially rewarding, and fascinating. Data science is one career path that meets these requirements. We will discuss what data science is, what a data scientist does, and why it can be a great career choice for you. 


So what exactly does a data scientist do? Data scientists are trusted with compiling and analyzing big data sets in order to provide solutions to challenging issues. 

In data science, knowledge and insights are built from both structured and unstructured data using scientific methods, algorithms, and systems. Complex data sets must be gathered, examined, and interpreted by a data scientist in order to support choices made by big companies and address real-world issues.


Data scientists are employed by a range of sectors, including marketing, finance, healthcare, and education. Data scientists are important in assisting businesses in understanding the habits of their clients and assisting them to make decisions from data to boost profits for companies. For example, a data scientist in the healthcare sector may analyze data to spot disease trends and design more efficient treatment methods. 


If you like problem-solving, mathematics, and technology, a career as a data scientist is a fascinating and rewarding option. There has never been a better moment to investigate this area due to the strong demand for qualified data scientists and the fast-expanding industry.


Subjects to take in school: Mathematics

What to study: A degree in a quantitative field (Physics, Maths, Statistics, Finance, Economics, Computer Science, etc.)

Years of study: 3 – 4 years

Where to study: Any South African university such as Wits, UCT, UKZN and Rhodes University 

OR completing an internationally accredited and recognized short course in Data Science or Data Analytics from AWS or Microsoft. 

Salary: R35 000 – R92 000 per month